DeathBeforeDiscoAbsurdo Vol​.​3

by DiscoAbsurdo

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released December 12, 2010



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DiscoAbsurdo AM, Brazil

Experimental electronic duo who met online in March 2009, have not inhaled since. Synths, beats, guitars by Morris via Norfolk, UK. Vox by Olson via NYC. After self-releasing several EP's, and rotating on UK-based Internet radio shows like BBC Norfolk Introducing, DA released an EP and full-length on netlabel Misspelled Records. Since 2012 proud members of the DIY Bandits collective family. ... more

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Track Name: 100
(I'm animal)

Everyday's gonna feel like
I'm just past the edge
Slipping through a hundred
Like it's what I do best
What's the scale?
I don't know anymore
But I'm pushing the limits
Of what I live for
I go around
pretending to live
(I'm animal)
I'm really a thing
But I know how to give
And I take plenty, too
Store it all in a room
Now I've got a sensation
Of household doom

Plenty of time
for morbid thinking
Never a time
When I'm not sinking
Lots of marbles
Rolling around
Tons of warbling
Stereo sound

Many a moon
Past the practical boundary
I am the fist
At night I'm the pounding
Thumping, booming
Clobbering, impending
My heart paints a portrait
Of brain folds bending
Circling, spiraling
Curvature hierarchy
Spinning up nonsense
Of woven malarky

In my brain
in my heart
Me over
In my brain
In my heart
me over
The ledge

Take my one hundred and four (rep.)
Take my one hundred and four tattoos of you

No I'm not sick
Just got this feeling
At my core
Now you show up
At my door
And tell me how
To live for sure
But I'm not an animal anymore
I talk
You roar
Track Name: Is (Not)
I’m gonna break

Everything that I know is true

You can’t fake

What you think that you already knew

But if there’s one little thing

That I’m not not not afraid of

It’s the half-hearted dozen who

Recreate what they assume

Well I tend to think

That most things can’tttt be thought

I surrender the truth

That your answers will be sold and bought

Which brands were the most sought

And which were an afterthought

A million men in line

To get the most divine of the time

Nothing is

And so is everything you could imagine

Nothing is

And neither are the thoughts you packed in


Is nothing but a square-footed fraction

There are no is’s in life

There ain’t no ain’t where you think

Everything is not and nothing really should

And if you think that I just

Play a funny word-game

Then consider only knocking on wood

There are no is’s in life

There are no is’s in life

There are no is’s in life like there should

There is no pain you can feel

Which would show you what’s real

Its elusiveness is part of its appeal

Now I’m going to trial

For my words of denial

And there’s nothing I can do to heal

And my role in this war

Which I’m confusing it for

Is the man with the irrational roar

Because I’m tired of sense

It doesn’t make any sense

And that’s the reason I will reason no more