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Rebuilding, recovery, and relief for Hurricane Sandy is not only unfinished, it has yet to begin. Let’s stop waiting. We have no choice but to abandon hope in a Federal Agency that only refers us to loans programs. We cannot rely on something that denies us the assistance we ask for. Our hopes are unambiguously dashed; any ambiguity lies solely in the bureaucratic process of applying and reapplying and waiting and applying again. But sooner or later, whether we get the idea or not, the idea will get us: FEMA is not here to help us. Make no mistake, such a statement is ideologically neutral. The point is only to find help in a more effective organization: ourselves. Occupy Sandy has raised over 200,000 USD for relief to New Jersey, and over 900,000 USD for New York. Unfortunately, relief for other countries affected by the Hurricane have been slower going. While Occupy Sandy and InterOccupy have had a global impact on community resistance, political consciousness, and charity relief for Sandy, the grassroots, volunteer-based rebuilding group Friends Of The Rockaways have concentrated directly on hands-on relief for the Rockaway and Breezy Point areas of Queens, by reconstructing people's homes. In our own very small way, DiscoAbsurdo have attempted to help in the helping process. Since December of 2012, we’ve been raising money for the Occupy efforts in New Jersey, New York, and Haiti, with our charity release Potential For Light. While PFL will remain shining its bubbling blacklight upon the world, the transatlantic blister-fest known as DA have boiled up a brand new pot of fierce and fiery love-stew, the better to bowl you over with. Stream the love and donate to download (anything you can afford, but preferably two dollars or more). If you cannot afford a monetary donation, please share this link with anyone and everyone you know. Hurricane Sandy struck in October of 2012. In the minds of many, that’s an entire annual digit behind us. But please remember: the threat of forgetting the damage that’s not directly in front of our faces, is now the biggest, most potentially damaging threat of all. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie would have you believe "we're stronger than the storm," but the fact is we weren't stronger than the hurricane, and kidding ourselves that we ever could be, is a dangerously hollow sentiment. What we are stronger than, is the machine that purports to assist, while demanding that we subsist on false hope. All proceeds (after bandcamp and paypal fees) will go directly to Occupy Sandy’s continuing efforts, as well as Friends Of The Rockaways.
DiscoAbsurdo loves you!

Occupy Sandy (NY & NJ)

Occupy Sandy Haitian Relief

Alliance for Global Justice

Friends Of The Rockaways


released June 19, 2013

Cover Artwork By Alison Czinkota.

Special Thanks : Jessicat.



all rights reserved


DiscoAbsurdo AM, Brazil

Experimental electronic duo who met online in March 2009, have not inhaled since. Synths, beats, guitars by Morris via Norfolk, UK. Vox by Olson via NYC. After self-releasing several EP's, and rotating on UK-based Internet radio shows like BBC Norfolk Introducing, DA released an EP and full-length on netlabel Misspelled Records. Since 2012 proud members of the DIY Bandits collective family. ... more

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Track Name: Promise Me ft. AJ Thirdo
Who’s ready with a big, smiling matchbook?

The only thing good in this world is fire
Ready, steady turning love; catch it like a burning tide
Big title of our wave it ain’t new or undecided
Turn the tap and open fire; drink the well that empties you
It’s a rickety, crickety world
Take us in with open flames
Promise me you’ll never let go of that desire
Cuz the only good things in this world are on fire

Push it, and lack like this
Radical promise
Not a lackluster bliss
It’s your blockbuster wish
When your account is in the negative, son
You gotta quickdraw some
Trigger happy, finger snappy fun
Yeah, the dishes’re done man!
Cuz we’re blocking out all their in’s
And I’m so damn devout to this radical sin
Sideways fist in the vultures’ face
Warm floorboards in an empty room
But a post-it music note in the new space
I’m about to burn up some vocal chords
So forget about a payment plan
I’ll reap my own damn rewards
Cuz when the afterlife is earthly, it’s an easy lesson
Only heathens ever go to heaven

The only thing good in this world is fire
Ready, steady turning love; catch it like a burning tide
Big title of our wave it ain’t new or undecided
Turn the tap and open fire; drink the well that empties you
It’s a rickety, crickety world
Take us in with open flames
Promise me you’ll never let go of that desire
Cuz the only good things in this world are on fire

Good god helps only those who help themselves to the
First helping, last supper
Re-sold to the unwilling seller
Guess you got the better
By force
In time
You steady recline
Keep us in the attica
Feed us erratic
Stuff the ageless taxidermy
Of millions of meaningless dimes
Earnt and burnt nickels
While dollar’s on the dole
An origami fold
Am I supposed to show concern
For the decline
Of the master I’m all the while inclined to burn?
I think I know, you
Grandfather tick tock
Timebomb, tip toe
Through the trick noose
Blissful shock in an empty parking lot
So goes the thought:
I will kill you all with just the one shot
It’s ever returnable, eternal murder I’ll read to you further, just renew the burner
It’s no use
You can call truce on abuse
Don’t cut off the hands they use,
Untie the noose on you,
Loosen but don’t remove
You’re right to be confused
Who knows what you could lose?

The only thing good in this world is fire
Ready, steady turning love; catch it like a burning tide
Big title of our wave it ain’t new or undecided
Turn the tap and open fire; drink the well that empties you
It’s a rickety, crickety world
Take us in with open flames
Promise me you’ll never let go of that desire
Cuz the only good things in this world are on fire

Don’t marshal your desire, put the heat up higher
Keep the ire burning steady, everybody’s always ready to burn

(The only thing good in this world is fire)
(Singe the economy, have a thrill for free
Cuz dollar bills are so offensive to me)
Track Name: Hymn For The Unforgiven
We are the losers of this Digital Age
The winners within this seminal stage
Of destructive development
Every single age can feel it
Just like this
Reverberating cage-breaking
Of undeniable indifference
And we’re going nowhere
Which is always everywhere you look
You see the turning page upon you
Grab that hook, and cross that glare
We are the cross-haired leaders
Of tomorrow’s lesser days
It’s never any better than the day before today
We are the unambiguous forward-straightening strain of ambivalence
We’re the having fun ones who always get it done
And we gently and explosively
And ever so fucking compulsively welcome you
To the club of none
There is NO ONE without a key to this dungeon
Basement in your cultural backyard mental shed of broken yards
And smokin’ records
We all spoke in a rapid tongue, produced the golden ticket to the backward renaissance
So few uncovered in your reconnaissance mission
So that only you can be recovered in your own top-secret recognizance glisten
Like a sweaty glowing over flowing head over towing
Under toe the heeling
It means we made the bomb go off in your constant bruising
Indefatigable steady confusion
Doesn’t need to be that confusing you just need to state your name and rank
And file these records private enterprise me
I don’t care so just surprise me

Now you can’t interrupt me
Here you can’t shut me up
Now you can’t shut me in
All up in myself
I’m outside your
Brazen hell
And now
I’ll have you
Listen to me
I’ll have you know
That you will only
Reap the rewards
Of what you so utterly soberly sow
Only hear the mouths
So utterly unsewn
Now no longer unknown
You can only fear
The unheard
Take a slow breath
And breathe me in
Cuz here you can’t interrupt my unforgiving
Unrelenting unspun and unforgiven
Homespun singalong, this unforgotten
Anthem song of liberty lashed upon its broken spine
A new hymn of unbroken unrelenting freedom goes unspoken
Only your heart’s broken
In an unopened casket of undone freedom
We’re not done till we’ve freed our open hearts and minds
And now you can’t interrupt my solid, sturdy spine
Of windchimes utterly unspoken in a wheel so spinning still goes around
Knows the way the weathermen blew the wind
Right down
Deep into our dirt ground
Open up the all around
Gather round this freedom sound

Open up that inner hole
Within your insides
Your hole is the only soul you need
To fight off the preemptive vultures
Who feed on your cold, sagging soul
Open up that nothing in the center of your goal
In the middle of your civilized barber era
Here stands a scavenger in your midst
She’s something you had missed
He’s something you had pissed on
A paeon
A burned up totem pole
Is all our soul survives on
He’s in your midst
And she don’t accept that golden fisticuff you all call truth
And the we is nothing more, not less
Than me and you
Your nothing is everything to me
It’s a loud, reverberating silence
Grabs its own forgiveness
Denies existence to those who
Furnished it
With the nothing that now feeds it
Deep within your burning furnace
You choke the goldface man
The millionaire march of marketplace freedom
Shot from a watchtower
Didn’t see em coming
Didn’t even fear the wrath of boldfaced empty and elastic
Minds that don’t muddle in your meddling
But bring it to its own natural ending
Now the warden begs your pardon
But you take no prisoners

Cuz the bitch said
Having heeded
What the man said
And the devil said
Having heeded what the man said
What the bitch said
And the man said
Having heeded what the godhead commanded
That the bitch said
Let them eat cake-bread
Then she ate that too
Yeah, she took that too
Never meant for me and you
You can’t blame them
Keepers of the dirty trough
Binge you, and they purge your worth
The worth they decide for you
It up
Dug their fingers down your mouth
Never was a petting zoo
Always was a slaughterhouse
What’d you think? Rat in a cage?
Rodent through a maze? Smart enough?
Cat and mouse is accurate.
Flip the switch
Lights out
You’re done with it.
She’s through with you.
The wire’s snipped.
The cord is cut.
Cut the red one, not the blue one.
They’re all blue.
She’s through with you.
We cut all the cords.
Hand it over, nice and slow.
Sudden moves.
Go to hell.
Nothing like an alarm.
Just whistles and bells
There’s nothing else.
Just whistles and bells.
It’s all a show.
Until you’re finished feeding on our souls.
All our holes are all the souls we need
To finish off the foolish fuck ups
Feeding on our souls
Nice and slow. Hand it over.
Nicely done. It’s never over.
Always colder.
After all your murder’s handed over.
Have a colder shoulder. Yes, you wish.
But I wouldn’t let go if your miserable little life depended on it.
And it does, so I won’t let go. Not if all your miserable life depended on it.
I won’t let go of your miserable life. Depends upon my promise
Not to let go of your misery, not to let it go as if the
Only promise I could make
Would be
To let go of your FOUL FACE
Your ugly wit
You killer accurate shot
Grab your bulbous bullet train
Within my grasp, between my faster fingers
Fail to feel the wrath of all my brothers and sisters
Bitch said, let em eat cake-bread
Fuck the lot of em
What’re you givin em?
Why would you give to them?
Let them eat loose ends
Tie em up, goose heads
Cut em off, noose friends
Make an example
Handing out samples of bloody face cripples
It’s really that simple
Doesn’t mean tadpoles
Never grow padded soles
Underneath cripple feet
Quite a feet

Great big fool
Unending and unendearing little feeble fears
Inspire me to open up your simple feeble sewn up ears
Simple feeble grown up creatures
Limp around your lavish castle
How beautiful your mask is
That I should pay my taxes
MY evil axis
Is asking this:
Need I nobler virtues, than never-do-well’s?
How can I ever do well, when I’ve gotta pay you
Just to quench my thirst, to have a sip
From the well that already exists
Within our grip, it’s within our grasp
To rip our resources back
From your ever-tightening grip
I don’t wanna wear a mask
I just wanna relax, I just wanna live
I just wanna sit peacefully within a family
Not have to worry
About the money you ask for
Just so I can live, just so we can be healthy, just so we can live
I don’t wanna give to you anymore
Just so you can steal what I hand over in exchange
For living, Poor
I don’t wanna give to you anymore
It’s not handed freely anymore
It’s handed over out of fear
For my life
But I don’t wanna be afraid anymore
For my life
And I don’t wanna sacrifice my life
Just to live.
I don’t wanna get by
Underneath your watchful eye. I just wanna live.
In solitary solidarity with the ones with whom I share my life.
One of these days we’re get ourselves organizized.
I’m tired now. Let me be. Allow me to be.
Let me introduce a man up off his knees
He still pleas for riddance, good. So long.
For this calamity lasted far too long. Allow me.
Let me be. I’m tired now. For trying then.
Oh my god I’m fucking unending.