DeathBeforeDiscoAbsurdo Vol​.​2

by DiscoAbsurdo

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released December 12, 2010

Cover Art By Christopher Morris.



all rights reserved


DiscoAbsurdo AM, Brazil

Experimental electronic duo who met online in March 2009, have not inhaled since. Synths, beats, guitars by Morris via Norfolk, UK. Vox by Olson via NYC. After self-releasing several EP's, and rotating on UK-based Internet radio shows like BBC Norfolk Introducing, DA released an EP and full-length on netlabel Misspelled Records. Since 2012 proud members of the DIY Bandits collective family. ... more

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Track Name: My Black Pearl
Approach me


Come inside

Hold my hand

Now don’t you tremble

It’s just the rain

Scared little cat

Knows so much pain

But you’re not scared, are you?

And you’re almost fully grown

In fact it’s probably hard to scare you

After all you’ve known

You’re strong, you’re wise

But you’re still a little girl

I’m gonna hold you together

So you can take on this world

Cuz in my eyes

I see a frightened one

That doesn’t mean that you’re not the strongest one I’ve seen

But it just means you need a man to treat you like a Queen

And it just means

That you have needs

They should be met

So you can take the lead

And by needs

I mean all the things

Which put that little smile on your face

Which keep me in my happy place

I raise the flag

For the woman I adore

Cuz without my little Queen

You’d find me washed up on the shore

So I raise my glass

When I go to Mass

Cuz I know what I worship

And I’m still in my courtship (always)

You’re my hero, little one

And I wanna be your hero, too

So I’ll do everything

You need me to

But I know I can’t save you

That job rests on your own capable shoulders

But I’ll do all I can

I’ll be your shapable soldier

One, two, three, four

I know what I’m fighting for

I’ll never let go of you

My Princess, my little cat

One, two, three, four

What are you so frightened for?

There’s nothing left to fear

As long as you’re right here

I used to be a boy

I used to be a man

But now I am a soldier

And I do all that I can

Cuz you make me a real man

I’ll pick up the slack in the outer corridors

Of this world of pain you’ve had to endure

Cuz I’m yours, little girl

And you’re my black pearl
Track Name: Ko5
Timely, unforeseen
Her blue eyes locked on me
Mistaken, her gaze, blue eye balls
Not for me
(she just wants to pay for the thing I sell)
Untimely, foreseen
Eyes in her head
Still locked on me

Of a sudden
Black eye balls
Rolled back in her head

Outside the hospital, gave her a Lucky
Said "come have dinner with me"
Stayed out til 5:30
Roaming around the city
She was looking fine and pretty

She's a knock out
She knocked herself out

(she knocked herself out)

And I walked her home every night
Thought should I make a move
Thought that I just might

And after we were married
Everything I carried
Was built for two

But no looking back
No looking back
With an envious grin

That boy is me
That boy is me

It's his skin
That I'm in

No thinking how
No thinking how
"the world would be
a better place
if only we were well"
They're our words
They're our words
Our words to tell

We'll build the legend of us
We'll build the legend of us
However we want it to look
We don't have to be sick
No we don't have to be sick
And I don't hafta be thick
And I don't hafta be a dick
And we don't have to missed by us
But you get the jist of this
We don't hafta be sick of this (rep)
Track Name: Jar
it puts me in a jar
no it does no it does no it does no it does


it floats for me
thank you for the air
almost everywhere
I'm pulled out of
my last...

It's fun to see
... in the space to fall into

nothing inside
this jar of mine
the world it blows
the cotton sews

It floats it floats it floats in front of me
I'm a jello boy
(unintelligible) my jar...
I'm sealed I'm sealed airtight
I can't hear anything
but the tinny tinny ting ting ting
of everything that hits the jar
all the wind all the mothballs
it's a ringing mothball jar
it's full of pulled out cotton balls

I can't get comfortable in this chair
I just can't get comfortable in this chair
(rep) ok? leave me alone
just don't worry about it
I'm stuck inside of a jar
I dunno where I am
I am inside of a jar
my jar is everything
Track Name: Giant Small Things
The last time that I meditated I couldn't get it up
The first time that I levitated I couldn't get unstuck
But everytime I medicate my head with all this stuff
I just can't seem to concentrate on cutting through the fluff
Cutting through the fluff
cutting through the fluff

I'm under the weather
I see small things huge
I'm sick in my heart
I see huge things small
I'm sick in my head
I hear your call
Tell me tell me to knock it
tell it tell it to fall

I'm being watched to make sure I still see giant small things (rep)

My heart is giantly small, sick
My mind is tinily big
the laser detector in the cement
is the size of a warthog pig
but it's small
it's small

Everytime I clear my head
my body does a jig
then my mind joins in and says
it shouldn't have to dig
everytime I have the dream
the room gets bigger and we get smaller
but I'm about to change all that

I'm being watched to make sure I still see giant small things (rep)

But everytime we have the dream
we get bigger and the room gets smaller
so quit looking at us (rep)

I'm about to change