DeathBeforeDiscoAbsurdo Vol​.​1

by DiscoAbsurdo

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released December 12, 2010

Cover Art By Christopher Morris.



all rights reserved


DiscoAbsurdo AM, Brazil

Experimental electronic duo who met online in March 2009, have not inhaled since. Synths, beats, guitars by Morris via Norfolk, UK. Vox by Olson via NYC. After self-releasing several EP's, and rotating on UK-based Internet radio shows like BBC Norfolk Introducing, DA released an EP and full-length on netlabel Misspelled Records. Since 2012 proud members of the DIY Bandits collective family. ... more

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Track Name: I'm Stung
I'm off the rails I'm off the train
I'm under water down the drain
I'm off the spinner, spinning loud
I'm just a gentle mushroom cloud

I killed myself, came back to life
Explored myself with a kitchen knife
With a kitchen knife

Get off my foot get off my chest
My brain is bleeding curly flesh

I'm running out of ways to be
Choking on the analogy
I'm turning water on and off
And now I choke and now I cough
And now I cough

I'm rising high I'm in the clouds
I'm disappearing in the crowds
I'm running out of bloody meat
I worship all my flaming sheets

I'm turning out and I'm learning loud
I'm dying free I'm really proud
I'm undone to the maximum
Ferocity to get really stung

There's a radio in my throat
And it plays all the best songs that I know
And it plays all the best songs that I know
And it plays all the best songs that I know

There's a television in my brain
And it plays all the best shows I'm in pain
And it plays all the best shows I'm in pain
And it plays all the best shows I'm in pain

In my head
In my head, head
In my head
In my head, head
Track Name: Ideo Of Violence (My Religion)
See it in me deeper
You can't get it any cheaper
Roll around a little
Take a hammer to your fiddle
Swallow all the glass
Bring a gun with you to mass
Quietly observe
All the numbers in your nerve
Speak of everyway
You can wear a black beret
Burn yourself alive
Bring the flames into the hive
Run on empty back to back
Screaming like a silverback
Understand there are no signs
There's nothing left to undermine

hammer gun gorilla glass (rep)

Breathe in all the fumes
commit yourself to something soon
take a dollar everytime
that purple rat runs up your spine
Go inside to be alone
youre almost nothing on your own
take a second to digest
youre not the one who beats his chest
and being not the mighty beast
you must feel free to speak the least
all the rest consuming hell
have much to say but little to tell
when it comes to oratory
you will need a laboratory
so build your words with silent care there are no hairs to split

hammer gun gorilla glass (rep)

and everything stopped meaning what it meant
and was free to smash itself to bits
dont kid yourself
there are no hairs to split
Track Name: A Second Head
So much hate

So much love

So much confusion

So much absolution

They say

That if I go one way

I can‘t go the other

But I know that’s a crock

And choose one I will not

I’ll take all of ‘em

Right here in front of me

Cuz I’m that free

Fuck your hang-ups

Fuck your pride

I’m full of your mistakes inside

I’ll be whatever I want to be

I’ll do whatever I want to do

I’m an automatic duplicity

I’ve got double-edged veracity

Two headed


In love with the energy of hate

But I’ve got so much more to lose

I’ll take a dichotomy over a clean slate



Palindrome of me

I’m untying the knot

Cuz I never forgot

You think you’ll choose

One thing to rejoice in

You’re one millionth of a man

And when you get sick of that

You’ll just move on to the next scam

There is no way to tell

Who’s divine and who’s in hell

Except to see what they do

When someone rings Pavlov’s bell

I don’t pretend to be whole

I know I’m incomplete

But at least I know my boundaries

And I stand on my own feet

I’m second to your neurosis

I know where I stand

But in my own life

I’m a dedicated man

And I’m so damn free

To consider authenticity

In this world of distortions

Truth is how you proportion it

Two-headed beast

That’s the world, I believe

Every truth is double-sided

Emphasize it don’t elide it

I can’t stop

Un-making your sense

You think you’re some kind of authority

Cuz you tilt your head and scorn me

You think you’ve got it figured out

But you’ve got nothing left to doubt

In your little world it’s raining

You’re only happy when you’re complaining

You don’t respect me

But I respect myself

And I respect you too

Cuz I don’t live in your kind of hell

I’m two-headed

But you’re just torn

Between one petty loyalty

And your next triviality

I will accept ambiguity

There is no truth to find

Between the black and white lines

There’s only shades of other people’s minds

We will never run out

Of single truths to be made

That so-called sense you make of this world

Where all your little facts will fade

There’s just what you believe there is

And I believe in nothing

Yeah you think that I’m just bored

Or that I’ve gotta think there’s something

But the truth is all I see

Are your factions on the TV

And even your unknown political cults jump out of obscurity

When I walk down the street

Everybody’s got a message

You’re just another voice you think that you’re in tune with the so-called masses

What is this divinely heroic savior that you seek?

Are you not yourself a part of the masses living for the workweek?

But you judge us from afar

Who is fit and who’s sub-par

And it changes every week

Your reification of the meek

I swear my allegiance to nothing in existence the only truth I hold is that truth can’t be held amen.
Track Name: Wasp
Tons and tons of warbling


Box a few more for the road

If you want this

But you don’t, do you not?

Cuz it stings you

Like an insect wiggling

In your skin

And you know that you’re not

In the jungle

But it feels just so

In the tunnel

Sliding down burning slopes

To the bottom

Of your bone, charred ivory

In bloody water

What is this

Fleshly hammer

In my bone

What is this

Stiff laughter

In my heart

What is this

Gushing irony

From my skin

What is this

Sticky stinger

In my wing

I admit there’s no program

There’s no sense

I am cradle I am hammock

For the end

Fluent garbage spoken me

In the basement

But it hurts to be the one

Bleeding nonsense

And I wish it was clear

What the sky said

When I was born to the heathen

And the head

Like a bee sting

In the evening

Like a wasp

Like a wasp

Like a wasp (rep)
Track Name: Out There With The White Noise
It puts me in a jar

It puts me in a jar

It puts me in a jar

No it does no it does no it does

It puts me in a jar

No it does no it does no it does

I’m under

The TV

I’m inside

Your speakers

I’m trapped in


Unwrap me

From your bleeding flesh

Okay then, it’s a little

More colorful

Than I imagined

But it’s still

Like hell

In the airtight

On the spare flight

I’m out there

With the white noise

(rep 8x)

With the white noise

With the white noise

It puts me in a jar

No it does no it does no it does

It puts me in a jar

No it does no it does no it does

I’m out there

With the white noise

(rep 8x)