a16​/​Lift The Light EP

by DiscoAbsurdo

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This is a charity EP, with the proceeds going to the MS Society via PayPal. Minimum of 2 Dollars but please feel free to give what you can.
Thank you kindly.
DiscoAbsurdo Loves You.



released April 11, 2011



all rights reserved


DiscoAbsurdo AM, Brazil

Experimental electronic duo who met online in March 2009, have not inhaled since. Synths, beats, guitars by Morris via Norfolk, UK. Vox by Olson via NYC. After self-releasing several EP's, and rotating on UK-based Internet radio shows like BBC Norfolk Introducing, DA released an EP and full-length on netlabel Misspelled Records. Since 2012 proud members of the DIY Bandits collective family. ... more

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Track Name: a16
All the humming of your angels

Fills your heart with sound

All the flipping through of paperbacks

Makes your world go around

Well you don’t really wanna get outta bed today but you tell yourself “I’ll just wash the dishes and mow the front lawn”

You lift those stubborn eyelids slowly get accustomed to the light make some coffee put your shoes on

All the mumbling of your boyfriend

Puts your spirits at ease

All the aerobics with your old lady friends

Really helps your knees

In your world you know you’ve gotta pick yourself up

And that’s just wutcha do

Cuz you know that at the start of each day

There’s still a lotta things that you can choose

The sun is in your eyes you can’t see you might not feel it now but it’s there

And everything hurts these days and everybody’s so far away but it’s there


Taking care of business

Fills your thoughts with calm

Although your kids don’t often visit

No one’s ever really gone

And if you gently go against the glowing gray

You might keep that Noonday Demon at bay


I think of your living room with the Christmas tree where you like to sit and I can’t wait to get back there

And everything’s gonna be okay once you give my wife a kiss then tell me that I need to cut my hair

It’s a bit much all at once you don’t know where to start it’s overwhelming and you struggle not to tear

So I go against my suddenly empty brain

(hum along) Something, something right down wintry lane

And I know just how to be your silly son

Cuz in my self I know the pain of one

And although there’s not much more that I could say

I can tell you that I know the glowing gray

And together we can listen for the birds

As they bring us to a brand new day

Track Name: Lift The Light
Nothing’s gonna change my mind

Recline your tight spirit, make some room to unwind

You keep me right here, with your eyes all smiling bright at me

Living angel, lit up gracefully awkward take the night from me

I’ve never known a soul or seen a self who could fill this hole

The subject of my affection, you’re a nourishing addiction

I feel not quite afflicted, but somehow lifted, I think something shifted in me

And now I’m right on path and I dare to say, it’s gonna be alright

And after the earth inherits the meek

(That is, those who ascribed at birth to each a random assignment of worth),

You and I will inherit the earth, along with those who were falsely called weak

And all the wheels that always squeak, and never get the oil

Why should we be loyal to those to whom we are freaks

There is no soil deep enough to bury the pain you are married to

But it’s not me, it’s not me, and I know that all now,

But sometimes I think I make you hurt, and not in a sexy way

But now I know it’s all gonna be okay if we just commit to the day-by-day

And some such generic rhetoric that they always say when you feel this way

I’ve got no quotations

Among my other limitations

Some may say the soul is like a lump of clay (you mold it to fit the day)

Some of that generic rhetoric (I know, I know, but there may be some truth in it)

I think it’s important to keep an open healthy and humorous space in our selves to fill not with lightly uplifting vaguely make-your-mind-go-blank to find a meaning bullshit phrases but with thoughts of all the places in ourselves (safehavens, if you will) that we can go to if we start to panic

While my rage is on mute

You’re out there glowing unsubdued

But I know that not so deep inside you

An undefined fear resides, too

Just like everybody else

It’s hard to get away from yourself

And it hurts to sit right next to the pain

But it’s nothing to make you feel this shame

And it’s weird that your pain thinks outta the box

While the comforting words are so orthodox

Uniform in response to unique

Especially when it’s reached its peak

Nobody seek to celebrate the shit

People live with, just cuz it doesn’t kill em

Doesn’t mean they’re all this, that was their own doin

Don’t give credit to the conflict,

Commend the combat

I know the amorphously empowering vagueries

Become a bit much when you’re run under the gravy train

As if they’re all scared of your rage

Preemptive barrage of soothing clichés

They say you’re strong from the hurt you live in

But you say that you never had the option

Hurt never made you expandable

You made yourself more powerful

We gotta lean back

To feel

The sun on our face

To see

The light in our eyes

Lift the light to the air

It’s nobody else’s

Nobody put it there